Why choose to spend your marketing time & effort at the Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo?  Here’s just a few reasons:

  • A proven year track record of excellence in presentation for consumers, with a carefully curated mix of vendors, non-profit exhibitors, expert seminars and activities for kids.
  • More than 50,000 sq. ft. of prime exhibition space, easily accessible from the highway, with ample parking, chock-full with more than 100 booth spaces, and interactive ice fishing and ice shelter displays.  Other expos run by us sell out every year, without lowering our standards, and work a wait-list.
  • Our reputation with Wisconsin’s customer base, coupled with incredible marketing efforts ensure we draw in thousand and thousand’s of visitors for every Expo event.
  • Our customer service focus with our exhibitor family ensures you a smooth process from your first contract & deposit, all the way through the tear-down at the event’s end.  Easy on-line management of your exhibitor experience, paired with a real person on the phone when questions arise.

Want to learn more?  Contact Don Kirby: dkirby@bastdurbin.com, to find out more about current inventory of display space, pricing, contract information, and have any of your questions answered.

How do we support our vendors?

The WI Ice Fishing Expo spares no expense when it comes to focused advertising to drive business through our doors and to your booth or bulk space!  We BUY thousands of spots top radio stations. We BUY hundreds of commercials on both Cable fishing blocks and network affiliates like NBC, FOX, CBS during prime news!  We BUY ads in Wisconsin Outdoor News, Madison Newspapers, Badger Sportsman, Wisconsin Great Outdoors and dozens of local shoppers.  We BUY top billboards around Madison.  We BUY tons of ads on social media!  This balanced advertising campaign means millions and millions of impressions to help get consumers out to the expo!

The Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo will ALWAYS provide exhibitors with a first class venue where they can sell to over 15,000 buying consumers, but NOW opportunities for additional exposure will be available—FREE! For 2024, the Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo will help exhibitors build brand and product exposure on a multi-media level. Opportunities for web, social, outdoor media exposure are available for you to take advantage of—FREE with your participation in the Wisconsin Fishing Expo.

What do we need from you?

Simply provide the Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo with a written description of ONE of your company’s new or current products or current services (150 words or less), along with a high res image (under 5mb). Each exhibitor is guaranteed at least ONE annual company product or service profile, provided they submit the required information as indicated. The WI Ice Fishing Expo will accept additional products and service profiles for consideration and may choose to run at their discretion. Please email to ddurbin@bastdurbin.com

WI Exhibitor/Temporary Sellers Permit: www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/HTML/tempsell.aspx

Where does it go?

WISCONSIN ICE FISHING EXPO SOCIAL MEDIA: Information submitted directly from vendors on their latest products and services will be featured directly on the WI ICEFISHEXPO Facebook page.

STILL not enough exposure?

Bast-Durbin Advertising, the producers of the Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo, offers a full line of marketing, design, advertising and PR services. From display ads, catalogs and brochures, to media placement, press releases, and product photography—Bast-Durbin Advertising has over 20 years of experience within the Outdoor Industry and is ready to help you reach the next level. Visit bastdurbin.com for more information or call 262-644-7940 to inquire.

REMEMBER—when you exhibit at the Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo—your business’s exposure doesn’t stop within our Expo walls! Break out and let us help you reach YOUR CUSTOMER!